About Us

JK Pest & Termite was founded on a few simple ideas. All of our employees and services follow these simple foundations.

Respecting the customer's time

We respect your time by providing 1.5 hour appointment windows to reduce your wait time, faxing termite inspection forms in less than 24 hours, and scheduling service agreement appointments on location. We are also available for appointments at night and on weekends.

Thorough inspections and treatments

By providing thorough inspections and treatments, we save you time and money. We also provide a guarantee that covers all treatments. (All needed re-treatments would be free of charge.)

Below market prices

We have done our research. We know what the competition charges. And the fact is, we charge less.

Additional great advantages of using JK Pest and Termite:

We are a local company started by local residents.

All employees speak English and have a professional attitude.

We understand the real estate agent's needs and time constraints.

About JK Pest & Termite